Pricing Disclaimer

The prices published on our website apply to those patients who are prepared to pay the entire fee in advance. This price includes the facility fee. Fees associated with complications after surgery are not included in this offering. The fee does not include the following items if deemed necessary by your surgeon: Additional consultations to determine medical risk/management, Lab work, Pathology, MRIs, Physical Therapy and large DME items, such as bone stimulators. However, special pricing is offered on some of these additional items, please inquire. Lodging and travel expenses are not included, but we can offer affordable suggestions.

The list of procedures on this website is a partial list of procedures available in this pricing model. If the procedure you believe you require is not listed on this website, please contact us to check the availability and pricing. We are able to offer these prices due to the lack of expense in processing the claims and the absence of risk for non-payment.
If your surgeon finds that you are not a candidate for the proposed surgery, then you are only responsible for the initial consultation fee.
Note: If you are scheduled for surgery at our facility and we are filing insurance for you, the prices listed on this website do not apply to you.